Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Teenager Blurbs

My son is, um....different. Unusual or strange might be a more apt description of him. He's a combination of his father's physical attributes, but my personality quirks. He also has middlechilditis sometimes, suffering it or enjoying it remains to be seen. He has adapted to the "oldest" child role a bit more since the actual oldest lives elsewhere. Plus there's that whole phasing through different levels of maturity...he's morphing before my eyes and it's interesting some days, still frustrating at times. He's always been funny, even as a baby. Today was no exception. Two instances in a matter of a few minutes, and he's my blog post today even if he wouldn't let me take a picture of the first story. Some people need a visual, and he's not indulging. BAH. He can touch his tongue to his nose. (Insert your own comment there, I'm sure it's the same one my husband has said.) The oldest was always grossed out by it, so the boy would purposely put his tongue up on his nose, JUST to make his older brother squirm. "EWWW Quit licking your boogers!!!" was heard MORE than once in this house. This morning, the boy (maybe I should call him Wildebeast) was apparently fascinated with sticking his tongue on himself (I'll worry later about him sticking his tongue on other people) and I hear "mmm, I taste guuuuuud."
Mothers become nearly immune to some of the quirks their children possess. And if they can't be immune, they at least develop a really good poker face.

Then, just a few short minutes later, I sat at the desk, and since my husband likes to keep it arctic by my standards I was cold. When I have half the meat on my bones that he has on his, I get cold easily and he's still overheating. I keep a travel blanket at my desk, but someone took it.
I asked "alright, which one of you turds took my blanket?"
"That's racist"
"Against what? My children?"
"Nooo maaaan. It's racist against turds!"

Damn, I lost the poker face.


Anonymous said...

Oh it is just horrible when they are so comical that YOU lose it! Keep in mind, I have that middleish child syndrome 'comic' in my family too! Mikey has been a source of laughter and comedic relief all his 20 years of life! Sorry, no, they do not ever outgrow it!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I never expected him to outgrow it. I pray he finds a balance between the comedic side of him and the sides that need work ethic, initiative...yea yea, I know - pipe dreams *sigh* At least he makes me laugh. To his credit, he is getting better with his material. It can't hurt much being Catholic, of Irish, American Indian, and alcoholic descent either. If he can't find material in any of that, he'd better be good at something else to pay the bills.

tinkguy said...

Touch his nose with his tongue? Next he'll be using his tongue to groom his eyebrows.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I told him what you said TinkGuy, and he tried, but couldn't reach the eyebrows. He's got a nose from my husband's paternal proves to be a bit of an obstacle reaching that far.

Persnickety Ticker said...

If he could lick his own eyebrows he would never have a problem finding a girlfriend/wife. The licking his own nose may prove the opposite, though.