Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Status Check 2

Went to the dh's softball game, and caught the end of it. As usual, everyone congregated in the parking lot for some tailgating. I sat in the camping chair with my knitting, trying to pick up a stitch I dropped 10 rows back...HOPING and PRAYING that I wouldn't have to rip back those 10 rows, at 160 stitches apiece. Thankfully I did get that stitch picked up though. In any case the guys were bantering back and forth. I didn't hear what K said on the other side of the truck (tailgate central) but M was standing behind me and said something about "heavy flow, but sometimes light days", then B said "some with wings". So, being somewhat of an expert, I threw my two pennies. "Or super absorbency overnights" which kind of startled M. He said "whoa I didn't see you there." "Yea, I'm here." "er..Well you are pretty much one of the guys...."

hm. Being "one of the guys" isn't always a bad thing but I kind of was expecting the announcement in different fashion. Not sure being called "one of the guys" over banter about feminine hygiene products is the ideal way of being crowned.

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