Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy L-triptophan Day!

I had a "mommy-melt" the other day. I went to a meeting at church and came home to find my youngest wrapped in a towel after a bath, waiting. I'm not sure why the wait, but I have my suspicions. I gave the child pajamas, and we went on our way. It came to time for a story. The book was selected (proud of where the book purchase was made too). I was straightening up the hall closet and my child started reading the book to ME! I was in awe of it because I hadn't expected to experience it. I missed it with my older kids because I lacked the clarity I have now. I was living in chaos of multiple sorts, and still wrapped up in myself. It was part immaturity, part selfishness, part outside influences combined to make me well...what I was then. I was given this child so that I would truly understand the meaning of enjoying my children. I now do enjoy my kids more. I am excited to watch my youngest learn the things I forget learning at that age. I just remember reading books to my first grade class because I could read and many of my classmates couldn't read yet.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have collard greens and sweet potatoes cooking. We're going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving....and they eat dinner at a DINNER hour. I have never been able to figure out why people eat at lunchtime and call it dinner. Eat later, that way the L-triptophan in the turkey knocks you out at bedtime and it doesn't matter if you sleep.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

practice makes progress

I restarted that scarf....and only tink'd it once. I then cast on fewer stitches and i'm meeting with more success although there are a couple glaring mistakes. OH well, my first crochet project was no priceless gem either. Perfection will never be anything I attain or strive for. I've weeded most of those visions out of my head. I see a finished product in its ideal form when I think of it initially. Then as I start the project, I start seeing the reality. I do believe I'll be making more scarves for practice. As my life evolves and children leave the nest and I find myself with more time on my side, I suspect my crafting skills will improve. Till then....if you get a gift from me that I made, just be polite at least. No gushing - it's obvious overkill. And definitely no snide remarks, that's just RUDE. I really should be doing other things, but today has been one of those relaxing Sundays with nothing planned aside from doing nothing. We really needed a quiet day at home. It was nice to just enjoy my coffee this morning, and putz around the house doing a little here and there. I got a couple things done but didn't bust out any big guns. And I practiced some knitting and tink'ing.


If this is not one of the deadly sins, it probably should be. I'm horrible about it. I really try not to waffle and waver, but honestly it's difficult. I couldn't decide what music to download. I know, it's MUSIC for pete's sake. I was listening to a few lesser known artists like Cheer Up Charlie and A Catholic Record Production. Same general genre, but different directions. I liked them both. I ended up not even downloading anything. Now I'm tired because I putzed around on the computer tinkering with the music site. I guess it's a good thing I went to church today so I don't have to worry about getting up in the morning.
I'll post my download choices later when I make them.

I also tried to knit myself a scarf....I started with 35 stitches and ended up with something like 45. I dunno, I might tink it and start again. I took it off the needles and strung it on a shoelace (new) just so I can see what I've done to it. It frustrates me because I can see and translate the stitches in my brain when I crochet. But knitting....I'm lucky I haven't put my own eye out with the needle.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Got busy servicing the other rep's stores and dealing with the other chaos in my life. Got another job to cover the loss of the income from the schmuck at Michael's being a well...SCHMUCK. What goes around comes around and bites you in the butt and makes you bleed. I will now be working from home....just as soon as I can get my log in from the company. We'll see how it goes. It's not as much as I make per hour at the other job, but I also won't have to drive anywhere or worry about buying lunch. I might be able to take my monkey child out of daycare and save that expense...but the daycare is just awesome in every sense and we love it there. Maybe it will be worth the sacrifice....we'll see. If I can make the money to cover it I'll keep said offspring there. Had to get a few things so I could do the job, but hopefully I can claim these things on my tax return next year.

My lesson in the past few weeks....It's utterly AMAZING what happens when you shut up and stop whining and just be quiet and patient. Sometimes you just have to STOP and WAIT for the Divine Intervention to well...intervene. I think it happened a little faster than it probably could have because I was trying to not focus on my own impatience, but instead on better things.

Oh yea, chicken chili for dinner tonight. YUMola, but OMG. I'm so gonna be paying the dh back for being a boogerhead earlier. Chili is chili regardless, that's all I'm gonna say.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

kids don't like when you laugh at innocence

had a post...tinkered too much and it magically disappeared...drat

My youngest apparently acquired some of mommy's genes for allergies. The child has had mounds of clear snot for days. The body tries to remove said snot via sneezing. YUK! I can only imagine what some other child said to mine, because I think it inspired something said to me.
I was trying to "help" remove snot from the face of this child the other day and was told "you need to give me medicine because I'm sneezing on everybody". It was just toooo cute and I laughed. I mean, c'mon, how is an easily entertained mother supposed to stifle amusement at her child's cuteness and innocence??? It's not in this mother's wiring, so she can't do it. I was met with indignation, complete with foot stomping.
Fast forward a couple days, at pickup time. As I was trying to convince my youngest that "mommy" time with no siblings was better than hanging out with friends....I was told "mom, you need to take me home and give me medicine because I'm sneezing on everybody". Once again, too cute to contain myself. And once again, I was met with indignation and "don't laugh at me!"

As funny as my family is, this will not be the last time I hear "don't laugh at me" from my child.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

let the party begin

Ok a month ago dh sprang a party on me for his friends.....and I wasn't happy. It was the timing of everything on my calendar and the way he handled things with me. Anyway, I'd already had this deadline of my own for a Pampered Chef party this weekend. I finally got through a bunch of the mess and it's less overwhelming now. I just have to stay on top of it.

My husband decided that in order to do his laundry, it required him to clean our bedroom, and subsequently rearrange the dressers to accommodate his need to get to his dresser. Well he conveniently forgets that I moved the dresser where it was because he didn't use the thing. I know he doesn't care for it (won't even go there about his desire for new everything), so he lives out of baskets most of the time, even though he denies doing so. Well I left him to his vices and did my own thing. Well my youngest child fell asleep at the table while drawing at a time that was late for a nap and early for bed. In short, the child woke back up at 11 PM. Around midnight dh was using the bathroom - which is the ONLY one in the house. The child burst in the bathroom having to pee badly. It was so bad that my husband was asked "can I just pee in the tub????" He quickly got out so the child could avoid using the tub. He then came in chuckling to tell me this story. And continued with his plundering in the room, finally getting to a point where he could stop....after 1 in the morning! At 4:30, I was jolted awake as the bed (which sits in the middle of the room) fell apart. The headboard fell off the frame. Good morning sunshine, go back to sleep now. I can understand dh's desire to get new stuff, but that alone causes a difference of opinion. Till we can agree on anything, we keep what we have. Now if you'll pardon me, I have some grocery shopping to do and crocheting needing my attention. Because I am going to ignore the stuff falling apart in my house for now.