Saturday, November 3, 2007

let the party begin

Ok a month ago dh sprang a party on me for his friends.....and I wasn't happy. It was the timing of everything on my calendar and the way he handled things with me. Anyway, I'd already had this deadline of my own for a Pampered Chef party this weekend. I finally got through a bunch of the mess and it's less overwhelming now. I just have to stay on top of it.

My husband decided that in order to do his laundry, it required him to clean our bedroom, and subsequently rearrange the dressers to accommodate his need to get to his dresser. Well he conveniently forgets that I moved the dresser where it was because he didn't use the thing. I know he doesn't care for it (won't even go there about his desire for new everything), so he lives out of baskets most of the time, even though he denies doing so. Well I left him to his vices and did my own thing. Well my youngest child fell asleep at the table while drawing at a time that was late for a nap and early for bed. In short, the child woke back up at 11 PM. Around midnight dh was using the bathroom - which is the ONLY one in the house. The child burst in the bathroom having to pee badly. It was so bad that my husband was asked "can I just pee in the tub????" He quickly got out so the child could avoid using the tub. He then came in chuckling to tell me this story. And continued with his plundering in the room, finally getting to a point where he could stop....after 1 in the morning! At 4:30, I was jolted awake as the bed (which sits in the middle of the room) fell apart. The headboard fell off the frame. Good morning sunshine, go back to sleep now. I can understand dh's desire to get new stuff, but that alone causes a difference of opinion. Till we can agree on anything, we keep what we have. Now if you'll pardon me, I have some grocery shopping to do and crocheting needing my attention. Because I am going to ignore the stuff falling apart in my house for now.

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