Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have you met my leeetle friend?

I went to Dad's house to clear out two pieces of furniture he's giving to the sibling that was "cleaning" the other day. I took the extra step of moving the two pieces into the newly rearranged living room so there really wouldn't be any need for them to visit other parts of the house. Also when I arrived, the gates were WIIIIIIDE open, so anyone could just walk right into the yard and do whatever. This, after the last people to be there were complaining to Dad that the other sibling left the gates open. Siblings are sometimes not so bad. Times like this people start showing their truer colors and it honestly makes me a bit fearful of what will happen when Dad does finally kick the bucket.

I was talking to my brother this afternoon and he informed me that his brother in law and girlfriend and daughter were moving out as we spoke. In true ADD fashion that our conversations encircle, he said he needed something from the store but didn't have much time to run the one errand he was on, get this other item and then get to work on time. He said he had some change. I said I had a credit card and could help him out but he better not leave me hanging.
me: "I know where you live"
him: "Yea and so does Smith & Wesson"

And he knows that I know how to use it. He was the one to take that picture of me at the gun range. He'd tell you that if the targets were accurate depictions of a torso, the intended recipient of some metal and gunpowder would be in dire need of medical attention for a long term. It seems that the majority of my shots equate to the receiver of my bullets needing a permanent colostomy, maybe a feeding tube too.

Hello. My name is Feisty, and theees... Theeees eez mah leetle friend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

some people...........

I will start with good stuff because I have not updated about dad. He is doing well, moved to a rehab facility and thinks of it as a bit of a hotel. The food is better first of all. The nurses like him, he cracks jokes with them. He has made a couple of rehab buddies including a lovely lady who said she is 94, but I could not see it. So either she is fibbing or she has good genes. There is a table in an alcove in the hallway that is out of the loud and overwhelming dining area for Dad's wing of the place. He eats his meals there instead of the dining room. Dad said he sees Mrs. L head past his door to the table, and he jumps out of his bed and takes his spot at the table too. He got stuck in a corner of the dining room yesterday and liked to lose his mind from the chaos in the room. One old biddy (not his words) was just complaining about everything, and he asked that she be wheeled out of his way so he could get out. She started throwing a tantrum about being moved from her spot and he looked at her and said "what are you hollering about, you don't have food in front of you right now anyway" (and I suspect he was scowling at her as well). He is in better spirits and seems to be doing ok there. The exception is his roommate who leaves the television and lights on when he falls asleep. Dad has never been able to tolerate that.

I am considering some gun range time this weekend or next, just to blow off some steam. Plus it's been 3 years since I was at the range. The blog picture needs some updating. A lot of it depends on how my wrist feels. It's been overworked for the past month while I covered stores for another person.

And then ... we have the adventures of today. I am not even going to try recollecting any of the other stuff between my last blog post and today. Today was just one of those days, involving some of those people. Let me just say that as weird, odd, strange, crazy, etc as I am, I really am something resembling NORMAL!

It started with the stupid woman driving around me in a residential neighborhood on a street with a double yellow line. She was going to the SAME SCHOOL where my child attends. I accosted her in the parking lot of the school demanding to know what emergency warranted her to drive like an idiot. She looked at me and kept walking fast towards a classroom. I made two calls. First was to the cops to report her and tell them where she was parked. The second was to the school principal because I would surely hope it was not a school EMPLOYEE doing this. I later got a return call to confirm it was a parent who'd done this to someone else and that person complained to the principal. After work, I learned this spankin' new maroon Honda Odyssey driven by a woman in her mid-40s (tag number available upon request!) was being driven in the same manner one day with my husband on the road. He told me he moved over to the middle of the road and slowed to 5 mph down the street. I would have done the same thing if I had seen her prior to the lane shift. I didn't notice her till she was next to me already.

THEN, I learn a sibling who shall remain nameless and could potentially become disowned or disinherited or dis-something-ed, was at dad's house "cleaning". Uh, yea. Where the **** was this person when dad is HOME, and NOT in a hospital or rehab facility????? We are not stupid like this person thinks we are. I am not even going to go any further into this rant. This person has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS IN DAD'S HOUSE AT ALL, NOT EVEN ONE IOTA!

But wait! Theres MORE!!! For the low low price of $100 a month, car insurance and cell phone bill.......My SIL said she'll move out finally, and take the neice in exchange for these things from my brother. She left my brother and neice for 6 months last year, and could not get her act together before her father tossed her back out of his house. She's probably moving in with her brother of equal caliber and his girlfriend and daughter who also occupy the house with my brother and neice. Did I mention my SIL's boyfriend is there too? Gee. No wonder there are behavior problems with my neice at school.

Can the world stop forcing the rest of us to deal with the results of failed Darwin processing??? PLEASE? A mere handful of change could remedy some of these problems, but there are laws that would cause more problems for everyone else left in the aftermath. Some days I think it would be worth it. Some people just need it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mouth of babe moments

*It's been a crazy week around my household. Dad's still in the hospital, but should be moving to a rehab facility in a day or two. His gall bladder was gangrened and so they couldn't do the surgery laproscopically. He's got a nice scar forming across the top of his abdomen. He's not happy about all this stuff either. He's been really down in the dumps. And a pain in the butt about food. Yes it's nasty but good grief he needs to eat something or he really won't get better. But I shouldn't rant so much about my dad.

I took him some banana bread muffins this afternoon so he could eat SOMETHING. While I was baking a batch, I sat at the desk and I forget what made me say it, but I said "dammit". My daughter who's sadly witnessed far worse things exiting my mouth pointed to her head from above herself and said "heeeeey! you said a bad word in front of the little kid." I promptly cackled like a hyena at the amusement she lent the moment.

Then while we were at the hospital dad's "barf city" dinner arrived. My daughter didn't like the smell of it and stood on the outside of the door, in the doorway. We tried to get her in the room and in her melodramatic tone she said "I can't stand it. I need fresh air from the smell of that food!"

I have *no idea* where my daughter gets this stuff..... really, I don't. HONEST

My oldest was online tonight and being impatient, assumes I've met my demise when I don't answer tuit suite. There was an exchage between us that actually amused me....

DAW (12:01:37 AM): yep (he answered my question while I wasn't looking)
DAW (12:05:49 AM): mom???
DAW (12:08:40 AM): ur dead
MOM (12:10:10 AM): lol
MOM (12:10:12 AM): nope
MOM (12:10:15 AM): i'm blogging
DAW (12:10:25 AM): eeewww
DAW (12:10:29 AM): loser
MOM (12:10:37 AM): pbbbbbt
DAW (12:10:46 AM): ;alksjfd;aslkdfj;asldkjf
DAW (12:10:54 AM): take that
MOM (12:11:21 AM): oooh
MOM (12:11:26 AM): you really hurt my pride there
DAW (12:13:34 AM): i know im lyk lyk idk
MOM (12:14:26 AM): *eyeroll*
DAW (12:14:45 AM): grrr..... do not mock me old one
DAW (12:14:52 AM): lol j/k ilove you
MOM (12:17:08 AM): rofl

THIS one is the child that is going to end up choosing my nursing home - mothers just KNOW these kinds of things....I'm soooo screwed in a few decades. SO screwed.

Meanwhile the middle child provided me no entertainment what so ever. He's useless to me and subsequently he will be promptly terminated first thing in the morning.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Geesh, a girl can't seem to get a break

Ok, things are busy in general. I'm trying to accomplish some stuff, so living online takes a back seat.

Today was a busy day that included my father ASKING to be taken to the ER. The man who never takes anything for a headache, actually requested medical care. Turns out he's got gallstones. He was admitted to the hospital and has a surgery consult when the sun rises. I can't say morning because it IS morning already. I am JUST NOW returning home from a rather long day, completed by 8ish hours at the hospital. With that said...I'm off to bed. Any prayers you can offer will be appreciated.