Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have you met my leeetle friend?

I went to Dad's house to clear out two pieces of furniture he's giving to the sibling that was "cleaning" the other day. I took the extra step of moving the two pieces into the newly rearranged living room so there really wouldn't be any need for them to visit other parts of the house. Also when I arrived, the gates were WIIIIIIDE open, so anyone could just walk right into the yard and do whatever. This, after the last people to be there were complaining to Dad that the other sibling left the gates open. Siblings are sometimes not so bad. Times like this people start showing their truer colors and it honestly makes me a bit fearful of what will happen when Dad does finally kick the bucket.

I was talking to my brother this afternoon and he informed me that his brother in law and girlfriend and daughter were moving out as we spoke. In true ADD fashion that our conversations encircle, he said he needed something from the store but didn't have much time to run the one errand he was on, get this other item and then get to work on time. He said he had some change. I said I had a credit card and could help him out but he better not leave me hanging.
me: "I know where you live"
him: "Yea and so does Smith & Wesson"

And he knows that I know how to use it. He was the one to take that picture of me at the gun range. He'd tell you that if the targets were accurate depictions of a torso, the intended recipient of some metal and gunpowder would be in dire need of medical attention for a long term. It seems that the majority of my shots equate to the receiver of my bullets needing a permanent colostomy, maybe a feeding tube too.

Hello. My name is Feisty, and theees... Theeees eez mah leetle friend.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

As much as it hurts to laugh...that was funny!