Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mouth of babe moments

*It's been a crazy week around my household. Dad's still in the hospital, but should be moving to a rehab facility in a day or two. His gall bladder was gangrened and so they couldn't do the surgery laproscopically. He's got a nice scar forming across the top of his abdomen. He's not happy about all this stuff either. He's been really down in the dumps. And a pain in the butt about food. Yes it's nasty but good grief he needs to eat something or he really won't get better. But I shouldn't rant so much about my dad.

I took him some banana bread muffins this afternoon so he could eat SOMETHING. While I was baking a batch, I sat at the desk and I forget what made me say it, but I said "dammit". My daughter who's sadly witnessed far worse things exiting my mouth pointed to her head from above herself and said "heeeeey! you said a bad word in front of the little kid." I promptly cackled like a hyena at the amusement she lent the moment.

Then while we were at the hospital dad's "barf city" dinner arrived. My daughter didn't like the smell of it and stood on the outside of the door, in the doorway. We tried to get her in the room and in her melodramatic tone she said "I can't stand it. I need fresh air from the smell of that food!"

I have *no idea* where my daughter gets this stuff..... really, I don't. HONEST

My oldest was online tonight and being impatient, assumes I've met my demise when I don't answer tuit suite. There was an exchage between us that actually amused me....

DAW (12:01:37 AM): yep (he answered my question while I wasn't looking)
DAW (12:05:49 AM): mom???
DAW (12:08:40 AM): ur dead
MOM (12:10:10 AM): lol
MOM (12:10:12 AM): nope
MOM (12:10:15 AM): i'm blogging
DAW (12:10:25 AM): eeewww
DAW (12:10:29 AM): loser
MOM (12:10:37 AM): pbbbbbt
DAW (12:10:46 AM): ;alksjfd;aslkdfj;asldkjf
DAW (12:10:54 AM): take that
MOM (12:11:21 AM): oooh
MOM (12:11:26 AM): you really hurt my pride there
DAW (12:13:34 AM): i know im lyk lyk idk
MOM (12:14:26 AM): *eyeroll*
DAW (12:14:45 AM): grrr..... do not mock me old one
DAW (12:14:52 AM): lol j/k ilove you
MOM (12:17:08 AM): rofl

THIS one is the child that is going to end up choosing my nursing home - mothers just KNOW these kinds of things....I'm soooo screwed in a few decades. SO screwed.

Meanwhile the middle child provided me no entertainment what so ever. He's useless to me and subsequently he will be promptly terminated first thing in the morning.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Bwahahahaha...I got the same thing yesterday. At intervals...All.Day.Long.

Leigh?? Are u alive? Oh great, ur dead. Fine. Don't answer me then.

He is relentless.

Love that the little one is supplying you with levity now that the middle one is slacking off.

The hospital food comment? PRICELESS!