Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sails and their wind

The copious tree sex coupled with insufficient rain after what can only be described as a "day and a half winter", has sent my allergies into overdrive. That in turn has sent my asthma over a cliff. I've had a rough week of trying to breathe, not cough, cough to clear my lungs, talk, talk without coughing, etc. The blood bank vampires keep calling, and I can't help them. Some days my voice is great, others it is shot. I've managed to stay holed up in my house the last 2 days, which has helped but when I have to venture outdoors, I feel it almost immediately reaching into my pulmonary place and parking itself in my airway and throwing a proverbial fit to incite a riot in my lungs.
Of course the weather is utterly gorgeous and I'm stuck inside. I would love to be enjoying the beautiful environment around me, but it is sucking the wind out of my sails. I have friends praying for me, as I utilize all kinds of treatments (home remedy and medicinal interventions). We need me well. I'm reading Sunday at Mass, and it's going to involve a LOT of talking, because it's Passion Sunday. I may have to reluctantly step back and give someone else the opportunity to do it though.
And then there's the 2 wheels thing. I did ride around the neighborhood last week for a few minutes finally. But I can't be out on the bike without a bubble around me, so I am stuck inside, reading motorcycle forums full of people rejoicing about their ride that day.
This is new to me, and I first thought it was bronchitis. Then 2 different people told me that it was likely that my asthma was uncontrolled and causing me problems. I started to realize they were probably right after a few days where I wasn't feeling or sounding worse, but I just couldn't breathe well at all. So, I am hoping that the elusive rain shows up to wash away all the stuff that is making me unwell. My wind therapy needs a recharge soon.