Wednesday, March 26, 2008

home improvement

It's a good thing there was a big bath towel that was left on the floor, and I was wearing shoes. I love when the males in my family make a round robin of clogging the pipes with too much toilet paper. Unsuspecting mom goes in and tends to her womanly-yet-oh-so-UNladylike business (read the previous post for a clue), and gets a bonus. A repetetive expletive emitted and the husband comes to investigate the reason for hearing such repetition.....and arrives at the bathroom door with a weird look on his face. He wasn't sure if he should laugh or be concerned, but he turned around and left. He couldn't help me while holding the youngest who fell asleep in his lap drooling over John Cena on the TV. He was quite puzzled at the sight of me bent over in my altogether trying to reach behind the toilet to turn off the water connection. Thank you Dad, for teaching us these little tricks to avert or at least mitigate disaster. I'm very appreciative of the fact that it was ONLY water and nothing else escaping the rim of the commode, and that I was able to get the water to shut off before the water reached the small limits of the vinyl flooring of the bathroom and met the carpet in the hallway.

The joking conversation after the fact went like this....

"hey, honey...when did we install a bidet?"

"we didn't"

"Well. s**t"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

She snuck up on me

The guys reading this blog....may want to forget this entry and move on. Got girly topics to talk about today....I was busy with work for a couple weeks. Then spent a few days recuperating, hangin' with the husband, attempting to reclaim the appearance of my house. Minimal luck on that last one though. I was looking forward to a couple weeks of less work just to have time to do other stuff. I failed to pay attention to the calendar......and the hag arrived unnanounced yesterday. I don't recall any PMS or even bouts of rage. The past two days have included 2 hour naps, and almost no physical effort to do much of anything. I have absolutely NO ENERGY whatsoever. I have had no inclination to reclaim my house, I just want to sleep. The dang hag showed up with no notice, no warning, nothing. It's either that or I just wasn't paying attention. This is not entirely impossible for me. You know Blonde knows no ethnicity right?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Determination and Procrastination

I really should be at work right this very moment. I'm obviously NOT though. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have a job that allows flexibility of my schedule. It's VERY VERY part time, and doesn't really pay much because I don't have the number of assignments some other people have or that I had even a year ago. However, today I'm procrastinating about getting my blessed assurance in there and working. Apparently I've had too many days off in a row or something. Plus I'm mentally distracted with some different stuff, most of it in terms of money. My husband and I are mentally ready to buy a house. The thing is, we're not financially ready. There is no instant fix for this, short of winning the lottery, but since the chances of hell freezing over are better than our chances of winning the lottery right now....I'll bank on finding money the old-fashioned way first. I have been investigating stuff with my IRA - not pleased and will make changes. I also have the Suze Orman book Women and Money now, and plan on taking advantage of the TD Ameritrade offer associated with it. I'm determined not to live my old age like my dad has been the last 18 years. His brother has invested money over the years and can just write a check for a spankin' new car. My dad - investing is like speaking Lebanese to him. I want to be more like my uncle than my dad financially. I need to establish new money habits that are beneficial to me. I'm already a cheapskate, but I need to be a much more intelligent cheapskate about things. I can only hope that my methods inspire my husband to make intelligent financial choices too. We still aren't even in the same book about money, forget the same page. We have similar goals, but we carry different ideas of how to achieve them. And as for the lottery winning thing....yea hell did freeze over this past week, because my sister (who makes me look rather girly mind you) BOUGHT A DRESS! She even posted a picture in her blog.....
I tried tinkering with the html but I'm far less knowledgeable about that crap and have wasted too much time trying to fix it...just click the link if you want to, otherwise have a lovely day and I'll eventually make my way back here more often. I'm just enjoying the downtime I've got right now....procrastinating about going to work and seriously considering that whole "playing hooky" thing today too. I'm screwing myself up for tomorrow if I do that though....*sigh* Anyone have the winning lottery numbers? I don't need millions, just thousands.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

rain on the roof

I have been busy with work lately. It's a short term thing but it's been a challenge that I've managed in decent order. Planning dinners and putting the menu on the calendar helps. I have some things stirring around in my head and the spoons have kept me awake many a recent night. I'm trying to be patient, and avoid getting in my own way. I have this tendency to do that and I often wonder how many times I've confounded my own efforts by being in my own way. I am trying to trust God to lead me where I'm supposed to be, simply because I'm utterly clueless. There are several Biblical passages about being child-like before God....and here I am. Can't sleep, tired, stuff swirling in my brain, and now rain on the rooftop. It is nothing like the rain on my childhood rooftop. Aside from the rain landing on a different structure, there's a different resonance and song to it. It has its own kind of lilt as it bounces on the shingles and hits the patio pavement below. It's like a musical concert all its own, each drop of rain having a different volume and girth, hitting a different note on a different place on the roof. The syncopation of it all flowing together and creating a rainsong is rather soothing. I could possibly tune out the sound of my husband snoring as the drywall above buckles from the pressure of his inhalations.....and just maybe sleep more than a couple short hours.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Boob Job

I have apparently pulled some muscles in my back, so I went to my room and laid down for a while. I ended up falling asleep, accompanied by my youngest child. I got up and came into the den to find a massive mess that I did not make. In a particular pile of castoff playthings, I notice one of my bras. In the same cluster were a couple of the daughter's undershirts, a doll, her pajamas and two apples. Persnickety Ticker guessed right off the bat what she was up to when I described the scene a few hours later. However, I'm slow on the uptake these days (exhaustion does this to me) and I asked why my bra was on the floor. My clothes are generally contained within my room for the most part. My son called out from the next room "Sis was using apples for boobs." I was not given an ample bosom, like my mother and sister. I have other ample assets. In all my small childhood years of playing with my mother's bras, it never occured to me that fruit would make do for a decent boob job.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

no instant fix

My baby's baby teeth have started falling out. She lost her first tooth Friday afternoon after school. It was really wiggly, and bloody from her wiggling it all day. Daddy tried getting it with his fingers, to no avail. He apparently missed my instructions to get a paper towel. I was walking past him to bring groceries in the house (nevermind I wouldn't object to help since the boy wasn't home yet), so it likely fell on deaf ears. I won't say how he got it out, but it's out and the tooth fairy paid a visit.

Today she comes to me with this:

"mommy, I want my tooth back"

"you can't, it has to grow back"

"we can use tape"


"we can use staples"


"we can use sticky notes"


"fine, I'm going to tell Eddie my tooth fell out then"

"leave the neighbors alone"

::door slam::