Saturday, March 1, 2008

no instant fix

My baby's baby teeth have started falling out. She lost her first tooth Friday afternoon after school. It was really wiggly, and bloody from her wiggling it all day. Daddy tried getting it with his fingers, to no avail. He apparently missed my instructions to get a paper towel. I was walking past him to bring groceries in the house (nevermind I wouldn't object to help since the boy wasn't home yet), so it likely fell on deaf ears. I won't say how he got it out, but it's out and the tooth fairy paid a visit.

Today she comes to me with this:

"mommy, I want my tooth back"

"you can't, it has to grow back"

"we can use tape"


"we can use staples"


"we can use sticky notes"


"fine, I'm going to tell Eddie my tooth fell out then"

"leave the neighbors alone"

::door slam::

1 comment:

Persnickety Ticker said... least it didn't cost you upwards of $15,000 to get the tooth out. Does Eddie really care that she lost her tooth? NOW there is the question of the ages...