Saturday, November 10, 2007

kids don't like when you laugh at innocence

had a post...tinkered too much and it magically disappeared...drat

My youngest apparently acquired some of mommy's genes for allergies. The child has had mounds of clear snot for days. The body tries to remove said snot via sneezing. YUK! I can only imagine what some other child said to mine, because I think it inspired something said to me.
I was trying to "help" remove snot from the face of this child the other day and was told "you need to give me medicine because I'm sneezing on everybody". It was just toooo cute and I laughed. I mean, c'mon, how is an easily entertained mother supposed to stifle amusement at her child's cuteness and innocence??? It's not in this mother's wiring, so she can't do it. I was met with indignation, complete with foot stomping.
Fast forward a couple days, at pickup time. As I was trying to convince my youngest that "mommy" time with no siblings was better than hanging out with friends....I was told "mom, you need to take me home and give me medicine because I'm sneezing on everybody". Once again, too cute to contain myself. And once again, I was met with indignation and "don't laugh at me!"

As funny as my family is, this will not be the last time I hear "don't laugh at me" from my child.

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