Friday, November 16, 2007

Got busy servicing the other rep's stores and dealing with the other chaos in my life. Got another job to cover the loss of the income from the schmuck at Michael's being a well...SCHMUCK. What goes around comes around and bites you in the butt and makes you bleed. I will now be working from home....just as soon as I can get my log in from the company. We'll see how it goes. It's not as much as I make per hour at the other job, but I also won't have to drive anywhere or worry about buying lunch. I might be able to take my monkey child out of daycare and save that expense...but the daycare is just awesome in every sense and we love it there. Maybe it will be worth the sacrifice....we'll see. If I can make the money to cover it I'll keep said offspring there. Had to get a few things so I could do the job, but hopefully I can claim these things on my tax return next year.

My lesson in the past few weeks....It's utterly AMAZING what happens when you shut up and stop whining and just be quiet and patient. Sometimes you just have to STOP and WAIT for the Divine Intervention to well...intervene. I think it happened a little faster than it probably could have because I was trying to not focus on my own impatience, but instead on better things.

Oh yea, chicken chili for dinner tonight. YUMola, but OMG. I'm so gonna be paying the dh back for being a boogerhead earlier. Chili is chili regardless, that's all I'm gonna say.

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