Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy L-triptophan Day!

I had a "mommy-melt" the other day. I went to a meeting at church and came home to find my youngest wrapped in a towel after a bath, waiting. I'm not sure why the wait, but I have my suspicions. I gave the child pajamas, and we went on our way. It came to time for a story. The book was selected (proud of where the book purchase was made too). I was straightening up the hall closet and my child started reading the book to ME! I was in awe of it because I hadn't expected to experience it. I missed it with my older kids because I lacked the clarity I have now. I was living in chaos of multiple sorts, and still wrapped up in myself. It was part immaturity, part selfishness, part outside influences combined to make me well...what I was then. I was given this child so that I would truly understand the meaning of enjoying my children. I now do enjoy my kids more. I am excited to watch my youngest learn the things I forget learning at that age. I just remember reading books to my first grade class because I could read and many of my classmates couldn't read yet.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have collard greens and sweet potatoes cooking. We're going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving....and they eat dinner at a DINNER hour. I have never been able to figure out why people eat at lunchtime and call it dinner. Eat later, that way the L-triptophan in the turkey knocks you out at bedtime and it doesn't matter if you sleep.

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