Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've apparently LOST intelligence

I found someone's blog with this banner indicating their blog was at genius level. For poops and giggles, I plugged in my blog url and got "High School". My blog reads on a HIGH SCHOOL level. How is it that when I was actually IN high school, I read on a college level, but now that I'm nearly 32, I'm demoted to high school level? In my defense, there was some study some where that examined the brain capacity of women as they were pregnant and rearing their kids. If my dilapidated memory serves me correctly, it came up with some numbers. Those numbers said that a woman's brain diminishes 8% with each pregnancy and childbirth. Well considering there were three pregnancies, each resulting in a birth, that would amount to a mental loss of 24% for me. I'm running on 76% mental capacity if that study is in fact accurate. This explains a whole lot. If the study results apply to men as well, that explains a whole lot about my father since he is the father of 6 (8 if you count the miscarriages). I guess that means I need to spend more time in the bathroom reading. I'll just have to hide my book. I had The Great Gatsby in there and my youngest absconded with the book and I have yet to locate it again. I was really getting interested in the book and it gets stolen from me. Figures, I was at a part with some inuendo when I put it down. I suppose it serves me right for reading such tawdry literature huh? Well I bought a bunch of classics from the library book sale last spring partly for my own use, and partly for the kids to use as needed. Gatsby is so much easier to understand when you've experienced certain things in life. The first time I read the book for my English class in high school, I had not experienced those certain things. I was rather naiive and oblivious to a lot of stuff, so it reads differently for me now as an adult. I also have this quirk that I have to finish something I start and can't start something else of the same kind till I do. It comes in handy as a yarn crafter, except I still have tons of yarn sitting on the shelves. (See post from November). I have two projects in the works at the moment. But the books....Imagine for a moment that my brain is like a dvd player and the book is the movie. My brain has been paused and the movie removed. Then as some misanthropic electronic might be, my brain refuses to play any other movie till the first one is put back in the player and is watched to completion. I've tried but my brain won't let go of the fact that I was in the middle of Gatsby. I guess my only option is to clean my house and find where my youngest stashed the book and finish reading it.

Yet still I wonder where my intelligence went. The kids must have stolen it via the umbilical cord.

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