Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cranial Flatulance and blog fodder

My dear friend.....she is just entertaining and at no expense to me or herself....wellllll maybe herself a bit but she's got good humor to spare. In any case, we were talking on the phone today and I lost track of what I was saying in my multitasking distractedness. This is precisely why I do not apply for jobs that indicate a requirement for attention to detail and multitasking. I can do one or the other and not both. There's a risk for screw up in any case regardless. Multitasking is especially dangerous territory. As a result of my trying to decide what to do with an item I was picking up from the floor, my brain had a total, complete, and UTTER A.D.D. moment. The thought literally fell out of my head and in the river below the bridge. My friend laughed her butt off at me and said "brain fart?". Yes, that train of thought got derailed. She then proceeded to say "Did your brain fart and leave skid marks?" as she laughed maniacally at me and my cranial flatulance. Thereby confirming that I was put on this earth to entertain others, and this time it was at my expense. Cheap date.

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