Monday, January 21, 2008

How I've spent my birthday so far

Well the husband and son made breakfast for me to eat in bed. I love that they fed me, but I need better gear for breakfast in bed. It's tricky not to spill syrup on the linens. I called my dad, had more coffee and tinkered a bit here and there. Then I ended up going in the laundry room for something, and emerged 5 hours later. This is that whole sidetrackedness that FLYLady talks about. Yep, I even abandoned everything else in the midst of this adventure. In that time, I spent an hour on the phone with one sister, half an hour with another sister, and twenty minutes with my friend while I worked on my laundry room. I tossed out a bunch of stuff, rearranged things and was able to get all the crap off the floor. I took a picture of the end result. I'm pleased with my work. I see a need for improvement. The shelves still look crapped up, they're chock full. I am going to work on getting bins for all the stuff. There's the gardening stuff, paint gear, electrical/AV/coaxial/phone wires, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous hardware pieces etc. etc ad nauseum. But for now, this result is good. And the bowling bags are on a lower shelf that I can avoid head injury trying to get them down for dates with the dh. For some reason he thought it would be a good place to put them on the top shelf over the dryer. Then asked ME to get them down ...... somebody give the man a can of V-8.

In any case, I didn't think to take a 'before' picture so just imagine this space covered in stuff. I couldn't stand in front of the machines the floor was covered that badly. DH's laundry, two bowling bags, the toolboxes, a box of wires that puked on themselves (had to be untangled) and general miscellany that needed a home. TA-DA!

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