Friday, January 25, 2008

Politics or religion

I typically do not get on any public bandwagon about any politician. I keep my vote private and do not even share it with my husband. It's one of those things I do. Call me quirky or weird if you want, I've heard it before. But this caught my eye. My puzzlement arising from this particular "news piece" is that this candidate is not going to preach at a prominent church but he'll be at a fair tax rally. The gist I get is that a group of people planned to protest this candidate's appearance at this particular church that has had some dark clouds hanging over it for some time. So this very openly bible-thumping guy will essentially not make an appearance at a church of fellow bible-thumpers, but he'll still go to a rally on fair taxes. This just doesn't sit right with me. I keep thinking that this guy is backing down from the religious side of things because of a little complaining and a threat of protest, yet he's one of those guys who will take any opportunity he can to witness his beliefs to the public. I very well could be misguided or even wrong with my thoughts on this. I am well aware that I do not know the whole story and never will know either. However, I can't pinpoint it, but something just does not seem right about all this. Gut feeling. Gotta go with your gut....something doesn't feel right, so it probably isn't right.

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