Tuesday, January 29, 2008

just not feelin it'

It has not be a lovely day in my household. Unsunny is a good way to describe the mood. So in an effort to hold true to that adage that if something nice can't be said, something should be kept quiet. I will say that I may have to network the old dinoputer just so that I don't have to crochet the large swath of the project that I accomplished today. It's not DONE mind you, but there was approximately 360 square inches of this project completed, today alone. Two other people were on the computer and yes I get a tad territorial. First of all, this glowing box is how I earn money, second, it was made clear this computer was not going to be mangled like the old one was. Third and most important for public safety, I do recall warning them about the PMS, yet there seemed to be adequate amounts of ignoring that warning. Someone pass me a towel and some ice to treat the teeth wounds on my tongue.

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