Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't piss in my cover and tell me it's raining

It's something those who have been affiliated with the military will happily translate for you...it means "I call bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap and you can't deny that I called you on it."

What the (insert strong expletive here) does TruGreen's marketing guy, Jeff Davis think when he picks up the phone and calls a number saying "We were calling all our previous customers to yada yada yada....." ?????

I don't need lawn service, I have teenagers. OK, well to look at my yard, I in fact DO need some sort of care for my lawn, but as I said, I have teenagers for that stuff. It builds character in the kid. Now back to Mr. Davis. The man flat out lied. I've been here for THREE years. #1-We have NEVER EVER EVER paid for any lawn services. #2-The owners we rent from have NEVER EVER EVER paid for lawn services (we know, we're friends with them.) #3- Ralph, the previous owner had NEVER EVER paid for lawn services (we know, the neighbors he was friends with told us.) And Ralph, God bless his soul, was here for a good few years prior to his untimely demise about 4 years ago. So unless Ralph's sister, custodian of his estate, paid TruGreen to come out, then TruGreen has NEVER been in the confines of these property lines to provide service with consent and subsequent payment. And I can guarantee you that our names are not identical either.

So, as Mr. Davis tried to spread his slimy schpiel on me because I'm sure he thinks he's talking to a stupid bimbo, I called him on his bullcrap. First of all, I'm sure he thought he was talking to some teenager or early-20-something that doesn't know any better or is just stupid and clueless. I look younger than I am, and I sound younger than I look. But, Mr. Davis being a stupid fool himself, brought the onus on himself with his lies. I told him that I did not appreciate him insulting my intelligence with his lies, we've been here three years and have never had service, nor did the previous owners and that it was unfortunate that he'd been given misinformation. I asked that he remove our number from his call list and wished him a good day.

I do hope he meets with success, but certainly not at the cost of his own integrity, or my intelligence. Why on earth did this man think he could pull this stuff? It's not the first time someone from TruGreen has called to lie in an attempt to secure business for the local branch. They say the same thing every time too.... "we're calling all our prior customers..." When I challenged Mr. Davis on the information he had in his computer... He gave me the name as my listing appears in the phone book. HAH! Sneakly lil stinker that I was when I initiated my phone service, I had my first initial and last name only listed in the phone book, just for that reason. If a telemarketer calls me, asking for "first initial, last name" I know they went on a fishing trip for business. Just because liquid is falling from above, it does not guarantee that it is, in fact, really rain. Somebody just might be pissing on your boot, and they need to be kicked with it.

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