Friday, January 25, 2008

removing my feet & other stinky stuff

I went to lunch with a dear friend of mine today. She and I share some dining interests that we can't get others in our lives to share with us. Today's adventure took us to European Street Cafe, complete with the Beer Cheese Soup. My husband will be greeted by the end results of lunch later I'm sure. I don't fret about it, because I am paying him back for all the noxious fumes he contributed to the environment over the course of his lifetime with me. I've never been the kind to hide the fact that my body functions like every other normal human's body does. To paraphrase my husband, I can make sailors turn their heads in amazement at the things emitting from me. Apparently I make the Marine turn his head, and subsequently wrinkle his nose and run for NBC gear (NBC means nuclear, biological & chemical - as in gas masks issued to servicemembers). In any case, there was a point to this blog entry, I promise.
Well as my friend and I were leaving, we ended up talking more, like we INEVITABLY do, no matter where we are. She asked about my shoes. I got them at the neighborhood Payless and they're downright comfortable with a little support and cushioning. They look a tad like Skechers and she mistook them for such brand. I said, "nope, they're X brand. They're comfy but they make my feet stink if I wear them too long." Then the next thing that escaped my mouth....needed PEPPERMINT shoes in fact. I said, "I have to go home and take my feet off so they don't stink too bad", and I immediately realized what I said.....but my friend caught it at the same time and started laughing. And of course, because we are who we are, it started a random A.D.D. laden commentary about going home and taking off my feet and putting my stumps up because it's been a rough day. And other things about the convenience of being able to just swap one's feet as needed. Having large feet myself, this feature could come in very handy when out shopping and a pair of "absolutely-to-die-for-and-must-have-them-now" shoes appears and is not in my size. I could simply buy the shoes, and go home and swap my feet for a different sized pair, thereby exponentially increasing my shoe wardrobe. These dogs do not look so cute in some style shoes, simply because they're honkin' huge.

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