Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials-and my favorite

Audi's Automotive Ode to the Godfather - way cool
Soda a la Saturday Night Live
Genietalk search....
Snooty Wine & Cheese? No it's Beer in hiding
UnderArmour Overtakes the World
Jab at Belichick

Bridgestone saves squirrel
Doritos Karaoke (but the good kind of karaoke)

Jolie and Freeman in "Wanted"
Gatorade "good game"

Danica drops clothes for
Sexy computer - Dell join (Red)

FedEx carrier pigeons stealing from the Godzilla idea - fight a warrior for a deal?
Silence the talking shirt stain for tide

Corky trains Clyde for the big gig - ode to Rocky (Someone please tell me how Budweiser went from beer to lager?)
Superheros under construction, Ironman
Bridgestone Rock concert

Corolla and the vicious critter
no rules football-Leatherheads with George Clooney
Napolean gets a Garmin

Follow your heart - career builder
Thriller lizards - Sobe lifewater
PSA for keeping kids from getting high

Why grow dream or build....Yukon Hybrid from GMC
Carlos Mencia gives dating tips - Bud Light

Narnia promo spot
Ugly Betty stops trafic with Planters
T-Mobile - Charles Barkley loves Dwayne Wade
NFL & the United Way

Justin Timberlake gets dragged by Pepsi
Doritios opratic ode to mousetraps

NASCAR kickoff in Daytona
House and the local news
Jeep product development lost in the woods
PSA for
Toyota Tundra tows the cabin to the lake

programming promos for PrisonBreak and Terminate
NFL Network - fan comments about players
A.I. programming promo
New series on Fox

Tom Petty for the halftime show..... WHYYYYY??? "I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee. Freeee Ballin'" this man hasn't done much in a few years, I guess his bills are piling up or something? Avoiding controversy is understandable but Tom Petty? Puleeeze. I could've enjoyed some local talent more I think.
Fox says "Tom Petty rocked the Superbowl" - sure did....rocked us to sleep

Back to the commercials

resurrect an old car during happy hour w/ Advance Auto Parts
Comcrap promo for 6 months of services
ship your ship. no ship. Carmax
Wachovia way to save (same commercial they've been showing)
NASCAR again sparkplugs, fan blades and pistons

Zantac - expect to see this commercial again. It wasn't thrilling
Movie with Will Ferrel
Claritin with NASCAR's Carl Edwards avoids the witch doctor shrinking heads
animated pandas sell furniture -
Shaq jockeys for Vitamin Water
another NASCAR programming promo
Fox programming promo for Terminator

Caveman invents wheel for Bud Light
Carmen Electra for Ice Cubes gum
Bridgestone avoids hitting Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons, showtunes
Fox Programming Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator)

Genesis - a luxury sedan by Hyundai - debuts during the game
Buzz & Woody introduce Wall E the robot that resembles Johnny 5, who then blows up a vacuum

Samuel L Jackson, Jumper movie promo
e*trade baby vlog (coulda nixed the spit up)
Bud Light "Flying"
Fox Pro Bowl Programming Promo
(Must they have so much programming promo??)

oboe player Chester Pitts walks on & plays in the NFL (Texans)
local promos
"steakdar" at Golden Corral
Tailgating with Publix (made me hungrier than I was already)

Sunsilk brings out classic divas of music
cartoon parade balloons fighting over Coke like it's a football game-happy ending for Charlie Brown

JINX buy me a coke politics
big wheels race - Toyota Sequoia
fox pro bowl (what? didn't sell enough commercial time?)

Adam Sandler - Don't Mess with the Zohan
more Terminator programming promo (fox....what are you doing?)

E*Trade baby, hired a clown
Taco Bell fiesta platter serenade
loud slurping dog (cute black lab) drinks gatorade
fox programming promo - again

Will Farrell as Jackie Moon for Bud Light
Hyundai Genesis
Fox promo again - at least it was Chad Johnson and "Moment of Truth"

Victoria Secret - let the games begin
Amp, jump start
NFL-Big Ben karaoke - spot for A.I.

programming promo for FX
Dell - Join (red)
tracking ops for

happy cows from california

cadillac escalade
g2 from gatorade (again)
visa popcorn at the movies
at&t mobile phone

I KNOW I saw the breathe fire commercial from Bud Light, but mustve been distracted and didn't note it.....I must not have been too impressed

and my vote for the favorite
Audi's Automotive Ode to "The Godfather"

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