Thursday, February 7, 2008

Irish Wenches go to Lynch's

I'm sitting here waiting on my sister to show up so we can go retrieve a certain persnickety ticker and take said ticker out to celebrate having confounded medical professionals so many years. Meanwhile, my husband is NOT happy that I'm going out because apparently he wasn't forewarned. Oops. Sorry. I did apologize but I don't think it's gonna be enough. He swears I never had a conversation with him about it, I could've sworn I did. Was he paying attention when I was speaking? Was I talking to him and not one of the participating members of this conspiracy to deprive him of his spouse? In my defense....I do have dinner ready, one child is bathed and she had such a bad day she ate dinner and PROMPTLY crashed on the couch. Now by promptly I mean she devoured the food and astonished the teenage brother in doing so, then walked away from the table (left her dish) and silently crawled up on the couch and said nothing to anyone and fell asleep. The child SMELLED like she played hard today, whether she admits it or not. She was moody and full of attitude. I put her in the tub. It helps me, and if she really is my clone, it helps her. It did settle her down. Food helped. We aparently have hollow legs and feet and can put some teenage boys to shame. She is my clone....much to the daddy's chagrin. So all the dad has to deal with is the stinky teenager and being in the house without me. I surely hope the adage holds true "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I really don't like when he's unhappy, especially at me. Meanwhile, waiting on my sister, is now causing us to miss happy hour and risking trivia time. Plus there's the issue of rain, going to get the persnickety ticker and hoping there are seats for the ticker and sister wenches. Maybe we're going to Murphy's on the way to Lynch's?

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