Friday, February 8, 2008


Last night we (sis and I) took the Persnickety Ticker for some birthday shenanigans. We went to Lynch's for trivia and the whole process of collecting everyone took a while so we missed the start of trivia, then missed a bunch of questions. We didn't exactly have a blast but were certainly entertained at a few points by the people watching. The establishment was very briefly visited by what we are certain was an individual who had mammaries broad enough to be described only as pectoral boobs. They were not large in terms of girth, but mere breadth. He/She/It entered, wandered all of 5 minutes and exited. All while wearing a dress that was so low cut J.Lo would have given 3 snaps, hair coiffed into some sort of 'do reminiscent of the 50s in an Elvis beach movie, complete with a large obtuse flower - I assume helping hold the coif together maybe? Tell me what it is, I'll tell you what to feed it. We figure this individual either escaped the drag queen bar nearby, or just left it looking for more entertainment. Um, 2 blocks due West honey. When trivia was over and the band started we left. We were no longer as entertained, despite our 'box baby' status. We went to one place that was dead enough to make my house look like a more lively alternative, and it smelled funny there. Don't wanna know, I may barf in my mouth at being educated on the sources of the smell. We then moved to a place with quarter pool, with a house rule "no drinks? no play!" I would probably be better at golf than pool. I did shoot better while holding the cellphone talking to my brother. Which, he has to join us for the next go round because Persnickety Ticker very much enjoyed that my sister was keeping up with her, and then while on the phone, the brother had equal footing. We left when we were done with drink and pool. It was late for us (the old farts with kids and that stuff responsibility) and raining. I'd already ticked off the husband for lack of communication, and was trying to spare more strife. Plus Persnickety's quacker was at home pouting that he was left alone with his offspring....quack quack quack (that AFLAC duck comes to mind actually) and the mass quantity of cigarette smoke was sending all of us into an asthmatic tither so we headed home. I have mentioned I don't multitask well right? Things like thinking and talking simultaneously; they evade me. I was trying to drive, at night, in the rain, on roads that were under construction. I got a phone call and was met with a curt and rather ticked off tone. It was bad enough that I had abandoned him without ample warning. But then Cinderella's coach had already returned to being a pumpkin too. Oh the injury to the ego. This morning I didn't get a warm reception either. Yea I goofed, I can admit that. I can see this weekend is going to be interesting too. I'm wondering if it will spill over to Valentine's Day now. Irish people have a mean streak. Lucky me, I married a guy who's got some Cherokee in his lineage as well. THIS should prove to be enthralling.

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