Wednesday, February 20, 2008

is ESPN hiring?

DH watches ESPN constantly. If it's not the PS2 game (Madden, Tiga-Tiga Woods ya'll, or some war game) then it's usually ESPN. As he's ironing his shirt for work, he's watching ESPN FirsTake. It's a show that features the likes of Skip Bayless. I dislike the sound of Madden's voice, and this guy Skip ranks up there with Madden on my list. The man whines and moans about every thing. I don't know that I've heard a nice thing come out of his yap yet. Before the Jaguars were "on the map" this year, this putz was one of the many broadcast people badmouthing and ragging on the Jaguars. Then he jumped on the bandwagon when the Jags started doing well. But that's not why I dislike this individual. It's because he's just so negative. It's a wonder he hasn't already sucked the life out of his two colleagues at the desk with him. The NFL Combine is around the corner. For those of you who tune out sports, it's basically a job interview en masse for college football players. When asked if he was going to watch the Combine, Skip's voice took a tone of nose-upturned. He informed his colleague that he would be watching the golf tournament because he has no interest in the combine. Well, parrrrdon us! If you don't have any interest in the combine, shut your yap about it and just say "I didn't plan to watch it, I have something else in store for the weekend." Leave the better-than-you attitude at the stage entrance. I am but a mere novice sports fan, however, I could quickly adapt and learn the ropes of the job. If only ESPN was taking applications to replace Skippy boy there. For one thing, I'm much easier on the eyes and ears than he is.


AzureLynn said...

I had to laugh at this... I think he's paid to be contrary. It supposedly adds to the "flare" of the show. Personally --- someone should stick a sock in his mouth.. preferably one recently worn and not yet washed by a very dirty nasty sweaty football jock - college or pro.. doesnt matter. LOL

insanelybusymomma said...

LOL Wench, I don't know who your talking about to be honest but I agree, they need to hire you! You'd be a hoot and might inspire some of us to start watching ESPN. LOL