Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's in a name?

I have become rather engrossed in reading blogs. I can't really say addicted because I do walk away from the computer. It's the whole chatting on AIM thing that gets my butt in trouble. I get sucked into a conversation and well this girl goes with the flow. In the meantime I follow links from one blog to the next because a link with a Kick A name is calling my mouse to click. Stuff like "Rocks in my dryer" "God do you hear this Southern Girl Rambling?" "CurtJester" "Mental Poo" "Crouching Child, Hidden Alien", "Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper", "Upright and Breathing" (a phrase I stole from a former coworker, stolen by my friend the Persnickety Ticker), my sister's blog "Life is easier as a social reject", and I have forgotten to bookmark the million others that I followed just because the name was cool. I wonder how these individuals have concocted their blog titles, and how it is associated with the blog author.

Mine? Well, fine, I will give you a glimpse but don't expect much. OK first of all, I am primarily of Irish descent. My dad's parents took a boat from Ireland and landed at Ellis Island near the turn of the last century. There's the tie to "Irish". "Feisty", describes me to a "T" in every possible definition listed on dictionary.com (except the part about a farting dog). Feisty is an apt description of me, and if you don't believe me, ask my husband and his friends, and a few others who have encountered me in some mode other than fun. For the record, I'm usually fun - at least till someone strums the wrong chord with me then smart people just get out of my way. "Wench", well it was a fun intent, but just went back to dictionary.com and actually some of that applies too. I am a working girl, and young (age and at heart) but lack the loose morals part of the definition. I mean, I do have those hellraiser tendencies but I somehow manage to keep them in check. When I think of a "wench" I think of the old pub wenches that were basically waitresses (some did more than that *ahem*), and entertained the customers. Keep 'em happy, keep 'em drinking. Well I don't have a bar here on my blog (do you KNOW how difficult it is to get an ABC license?) but if I did, you could have your fill of rum (preferably the Whaler's brand), Yuengling, Sam Adams, Dogfish beers, and whatever else I keep on hand or would keep on hand if this wench wasn't pressed for pennies right now. So you're just stuck with whatever you have since it's more readily accessible to you anyway, meanwhile I'll just be a good little wench and entertain the masses....Someone have a spare tray? I lost mine to someone's cranial region (or was it their posterior?) some time ago.

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Mrs. A. said...

I join you in a growing case of blog addiction. I had to uninstall chat programs on my PC because I was getting "BSOD," the blue screen of death. Of course with any addiction removed, something has to take its place.

Many blogs are quite good but I had to scoff at one I read this morning. I linked to it because of "growing older" in the title. It was supposed to be about growing older, older kids, etc. The author has 3 kids 5 and under. Give me a break. I'm annoyed by those who don't know when to listen and when to speak.