Sunday, February 10, 2008

As promised

OK, I told a visitor I'd post the pictures of the targets from my visit to the gun range almost 2 years ago. My brother had a rare day off in the world of pizza, and I was available during the day to go play with weaponry.

Most of the rounds went into this target

Decided not to waste another target, so the remaining rounds went here
Now, you should know that this was my first time firing a weapon of any kind. And that day my wrist was bothering me (work injury due to utter wastes of oxygen being stupid as usual) and some of my shots were off because of the pain. I know I missed the target several times. I didn't care though, I had 100 rounds to fire off and I made sure I got all of them out of the gun. My husband showed the targets to his buddies very proudly "Lookit what my wife did!"
Yea, his friends are careful around me because A) they've seen my temper at a realllllly bad point, and B) they saw the targets. They love me dearly but they've told me they won't make me mad. I've noticed we don't see his buddies much lately........


Walker said...

Hi I am here from Lindy The Lurkers blog.

That's nice shooting, you made quite the spegetti strainer out of that target.

I bet when you tell hubby's friend he has to be home by 11 they have him there kicking and screaming if need be lol

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Thanks Lindy, I prefer to enjoy the view of these targets above my desk. They get more than just a cursory glance when I'm in full hot-headed speed for war.
As for the husband, he's too hardheaded for curfews anyway. Besides, if I give him curfews, he'll start giving me one too.

Mrs. A. said...

This made me think of my late mother. Her name is Yvonne and she was such a good shot one of her cousin's called her "Vonnie Oakley."

Lindy said...

I would be thinking twice about visiting too. Thats some pretty 'durn good shootin, ma am.'