Friday, February 8, 2008

Public Service Announcement for Valentine's Day

Someone asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I don't know really....I wasn't planning on making a big deal of it. In the course of conversation though, it came around to the usual gifts of chocolate, jewelery, massage certificates etc. It dawned on me that if a guy expects to get intimate with his mate, then he should avoid giving her chocolate for Valentine's Day, or risk not getting any. Wait, before you start with your objections, hear me out. It really DOES make sense. My plethora of useless knowledge reminds me that chocolate releases the same endorphins that are released during intercourse. Well if she's already got the endorphins flowing in her, that just might diminish the guy's chance of achieving his expected goal here. Now that doesn't mean it's a certainty, but most mothers are too darn tired to get all ramped up and randy (though it DOES happen at times). So save the chocolate for morning after Valentine's Day. You'll have gotten your quarterly allotment from her anyway, and to make her even happier, you'll have saved 50% on that cheezy Valentines candy because you got it for her the day after the special occasion. Yes, guys, that savings means we can now buy another pair of shoes.

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