Friday, February 15, 2008

My aunt wished VD on me

I got a call from my aunt in Missouri kind of late last night. We do that...night owl tendencies are a genetic mishap apparently. Mine was also compounded by a birth late at night. Our conversation kind of started along these lines

::cell phone rings:: "Hello" (nifty caller ID already told me it was the Aunt)

"what are you doing?"

"reading blogs" (my list is growing by the way)

"ohh. well I was calling to wish you a Happy VD"

"you're calling to wish me a Happy Venerial Disease. I feel loved"

"yea well, it's what I do"

We've always gotten along pretty well. We are quite a bit alike. She has a slightly bendier warp to her humor than I do. She calls other holidays some off-color things too. It's probably best we not disclose them here, in writing, for the whole world to see. She should be able to maintain some semblance of decency and anonymity, even if her children force notoriety on her with their shenanigans. At the very least I can avoid shattering her facade of normalcy. My aunt has often said "Everyone is entitled to their delusions, some people abuse the privelege." She's been prudent with her delusions, I'll let her have this one.

In other news of the day around my abode: I got little accomplished today. I got cranky about something someone did this afternoon. I thought part of my crankiness was caused by a need for a nap, so I took one. That helped dissipate SOME of the cranky mood, but not all of it. The dh was asking what was wrong with me, "I'm cranky" was all he got, despite his pressing me for details. I didn't want to unleash the wench and cause more problems. It just wasn't worth it. The trigger was a minor thing, but really annoys me when it happens. I put on sneakers, went outside and unleashed my annoyance on unsuspecting foliage. Ligustrum and Loquat got tamed without argument. And the big chuckleworthy part of all dh dragged out the lawnmower and mowed the front yard. Shush, it's February, but it needed mowing back in November. I swear to you I said nothing to him about doing anything around the house today. He said he had no plans for anything, and I believed him. I only went outside to get away from the overload of TV noise. The trimmers were there, the mood struck. I went with it. At least my delusion free whim was productive and no V.D. was involved.


Persnickety Ticker said...

"semblance, decency, anonymity, notoriety, facade, normalcy, prudent, dissipate." Wow! A whole $4 worth of vocabulary words there! Are ya trying to smarten up your blog for that grading system thing? Or just trying to CONFOUND the masses? Teeheehee!!!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

well i would hate to waste my years at Catholic school, and the time spent in Mr. Mead's class. I don't always get to use the big words in daily life without "huh?" accompanied by a quizzical blank stare...unless of course I'm talking to a sibling, you or C. The planet just doesn't make em smart anymore....everyone's trying to conserve resources apparently.