Tuesday, February 19, 2008

priceless panties

This bit of blog fodder brought to you in part by Shannon.
My day has been a little busy. In the midst of this I have a sniffly-allergies-gone-awry child. She wanted to don jammies and take a nap at 5PM. I told her to get into jammies, she had to get bathed. She took a shower and because she was cold, hurriedly put on her clothes. She then fell asleep before dinner, only to wake up a short time ago. She came over to me and said that her panties were giving her wedgies. I may have missed a too-small pair in the decluttering process, so I scoped the side seams and back waistband for a tag to see what size they were. Couldn't find one. I noticed her attire did seem amiss. I folded the front waistband over a bit to discover the problem. There was the tag. In front. Which explains the wedgies. She ran off saying "I gotta go change them around", and announced to the daddy as she zipped past him "I got my underwear backwards!" She returned looking relieved to not have tot-thongs any longer, and proceeded to tell me she was hungry. She should've stayed up for dinner.

Package of 7 pair of underwear: $8.00
Comfy pajamas: $12.00
Realizing you really don't own thongs: Priceless.


:..Rebekah..: said...

I feel exactly the same way. I hate them! :) Who has the time to be constantly pulling out wedgies?!

AzureLynn said...

LOL - reminded me of a time when a friend down the street wore thongs.. her daughter told her, "Mommy, your butt is too big for your panties." Thongs are evil.... i have tossed all mine out a LONG time ago.