Friday, August 22, 2008

Did you want to drive there?

This is my Dad's oak tree. It is rooted between his front fence and the street. His house is off to the left. Sis captured this picture with her cellphone. She tells me that the tree split in half and fell over into the neighbor's yard across the street. Since Dad's house is 82 years old, I am guessing the oak tree is around 100 years old too. If I understand her correctly, sis told me there is the main trunk and some little offshoot branches still intact.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Yikes, looks like Fay really got you guys! So far, I've only seen one tree down around here and then just a few broken branches and leaves scattered around the ground, but we're pretty far inland.

The school districts had hilariously bad luck determining which days to take off. The only day school was in session was the only day the storm really hit us, LOL!