Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trolling adventures with babies

Not sure entirely HOW I came across this other blog except I clicked links in other bloggers' posts and opened a new tab and lo and behold I have new entertainment. I love the randomness of some blogs. I find it exceptionally hilarious that it was posted on a very Catholic blog too. Who said God had no sense of humor? Oh wait, if that was you, then you obviously didn't pay attention to ... well anything. Go back under your rock after you read that blog. If you're going to act like a mushroom, at least be entertained while you're there.


Sunny Yukon said...

Oh my goodness! What were they thinking! ROFL!

Oh, your link didn't work for me, if anyone else has troubles try this

Okay, those products are hilarious. Except the tattoos. I remember my babies coming home from Grampas and ballpoint pen Harley Davidson tattoos. Aren't grampas awesome? LOL

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Thanks for alerting me to my error...I corrected the link. Teach me to double check my links when I post huh?

And I didn't have to worry about the kids getting tattoos from grandpa's house. They did it themselves.