Sunday, August 3, 2008

just. EW.

Any reasonable parent worth their salt will buy toothbrushes in different colors to correspond to the different members of the household. Being worth my salt, I am no different. Kids are cesspools of germs as it is, but here in our house, we prefer to avoid direct cross contamination of each other by using our own tooth cleaning devices. My daughter got a whale shaped toothbrush and the boy got a name brand grownup version from the health fair at church a couple months ago. What she hasn't told me till today was that she wanted a big person toothbrush, not the little kid kind with kid-type shapes and sizes. (See a pattern of non-communication running rampant in my family like I see?) I surely hope you haven't recently eaten or have food before you as you read this. We returned from church, made ourselves lunch and proceeded to get on with our Sunday. My son began a mini-trial as I sat down at the computer. Somehow this particular member of the male species actually noticed something different about his stuff. He asked who used his toothbrush this morning, and proceeded to accuse his sister of the crime. I missed her guilty face as he further "proved" his evidence to be sufficient. Apparently she did in fact use his toothbrush. If you know my 13 year old, that's just *gag* EW. Just plain EW. I just finished my lunch, so you can only imagine the quease I had the moment I learned that my daughter used her brother's toothbrush. *shudder* I asked why she used his and she said "I'm tired of a baby toothbrush, I want a big kid one." All she had to do was tell me, and my next trip to the land of toothbrush sales would have been added to my million mile long list of things to do. I said, "Um, honey, that's gross."
"Well, he doesn't use it!"
(Insert brother in the next room, retorting with "ugh, YES I do")
"Yes, precisely why that is just GROSS baby. Don't use someone else's toothbrush. It's just. EW"

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Gag..gak...urg...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Coffee redux is not how I like my morning caffeine...even if it is in the afternoon.