Sunday, August 31, 2008

Men CAN understand women at times

If not understand them then at least understand how they tick. A few days ago marked 16 years that my husband and I began our relationship. After a male dominated household was effectively leveled by arrival of my clone, the male dog's demise, and one male child moving to another place, it's safe to say there is ample estrogen in this house. My clone, young as she is, does indeed have those heinous hormonal swings and she's ill-equipped to handle them. No one can tell me she doesn't get them, especially if they do not live WITH her daily. Today I have been rather .. hm... the only way to describe it is a bit of a "MRWAWR!!!" mood and the clone's has been "HIISSSSS!!!!", which the males here can avoid if warned. They were in fact, NOT warned this go round. My husband, God love him, went out to get a paper this afternoon and came back with something else as well. He walked up to me saying "Hold out your hands" to which I obliged.
I asked what that was for and as he poured Pink M&Ms in my hands, he said "Chocolate! So you can calm your butt down." The clone asked him why he gave mommy more than he gave her. He told her that it was because we hadn't eaten dinner yet, and he knew mommy would eat all her food (followed by comments about how I eat more than some grown men). After 16 years with this man, I'm pretty sure he was thinking not of how big my appetite can be, but more like how big a temper I have. Smart man.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Well damn! Give that man a Klondike Bar!