Saturday, August 16, 2008

Status Check

I took my son to get his sports physical this morning, since he once again wants to try out for the football team. Maybe he'll heed his dad's advice and try out for defense this year instead of offense. He's got my coordination, except he hasn't had the years of practice to make it look graceful yet. So for now he's a big oaf. And as I mentioned before, I did not marry a descendent of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, so a free sports physical it was for us. There were several other schools there as well. Some traveled via school bus to get there. We arrived at the wrong location (wooops, mixed up the two children's medical facilities here, but luckily they're across the street from each other) and got to the correct one just in the nick of time. Just before the coach took the boys in for their breach of personal space, the coach told the parents "See ya in about an hour." I took off to scope out the nearby thrift store, where I've usually found what can be classified as a SCORE purchase, and today was no exception. I'll tell you about that later though. In any case, I returned right as the boy was coming outside. We were walking back to my mom-bus and had to walk past a couple of buses that had kids from other schools. I heard these boys say something about my shirt (because it's awesome of course) and yelled to my son that I wore the right shirt today.

(don't mind the knitting notions trying to escape the bag)

I passed the first bus in line, and one of the boys said loudly "Man, she's FINE". I just smiled because it does a mom's ego good to hear that stuff. Middle school boys don't have filters yet, so they just blurt out what the rest of their species thinks. Then I got to the front of the bus and one of the boys said something about breastfeeding him... ::insert eyeroll and groan here::

I stopped.
Took a few steps backwards.
I asked "Do you talk to your mother like that?"
"So why are you talking to his mother like that?" as I pointed to my oaf. "I know your mama taught you more manners than that."
"I tell my mama she's fine all the time" (Yea right)
"Telling your mother she's beautiful is one thing, but breaking it down to a breastfeeding level is a whole different thing. It's uncouth and you're not gonna get a decent woman in your life talking to people like that"

The other mom from my son's school just chuckled as I gave the whatfor to the boys on the bus.

I got in the mom-bus and drove away, smirking. I turned to my son and said "yep, still got status". He asked what status that was, and I told him (and had to explain) that his mother has MILF status.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Excellent - someone has to teach him what's right!

I'm a flybaby, too - I've got to go get myself a widget.

tinkguy said...

Um, congrats on retaining MILF status. So, do you get a merit badge, or your name in the student paper?