Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boy Scouts are Always Prepared

I'm tired and kind of eh today. I'll blame it on some sort of seasonal affective disorder. Hurricane season, but a season nonetheless. In case you were unaware, Florida has two seasons: Hurricane and non-Hurricane. The city has been battening the hatches. The wind blows backwards here and power goes out. The day started by waking up at least an hour late, and driving behind yet another left lane loon. You know, the ones that drive 5 or 10 mph BELOW the speed limit and do so in the LEFT lane? Then I serviced a store in absolutely record time. Took a friend to a doctor appointment, and a few other associated errands. I got home and by then I really was exhausted. However, in my travels today, I was witness to a couple crash aftermaths, and one had more police and community service officers than vehicles involved in the crash. I'm glad I didn't have time to sort out that paperwork. Then there's the whole means of the hatches being battened.

Yes, those are pallets of cinderblocks parked inside the sheds.

Now out of curiosity.... what about the swings?

As I pulled into my parking spot at BJ's, I happened to catch this view in my mirror:

They're chained inside the canopy.
I didn't get the picture of the bulldozers and backhoes that were parked alongside a major highway. It was a Caterpillar parking lot so to speak.

And as I catch weather updates, it seems that the Fay is very much a Southern being. She's moving slow and strolling leisurely along her way.

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Sunny Yukon said...

Ummmm, am I missing something? The cinderblocks are in those sheds for protection? Shouldn't they use the cinderblocks to weigh down the sheds? Seems to me those sheds could flyaway faster then the blocks... Eh, I'm probably just ignorant... Lol

What is up with the swings? I can't quite make out the picture