Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wild animals eat their young for a reason

I have a friend, who is due any day and can't evict the baby soon enough, that asked me to make a hooded baby towel for her. It's an incredibly simple, yet large project that is taking entirely too long for my liking. However, it's using up my stash of cotton yarn that came in huge skeins. I have been toting this bag with grassy green yarn for weeks trying to finish it. Except now, I have to wait to finish it.
My son violated a cardinal house rule. Food and drinks are consumed AT the table or in the kitchen only. Instead, he sat at my desk this morning with his coffee to be closer to the TV. Somehow while I was in the shower, he spilled his coffee all over my chair, the floor under it, and IN my yarn bag that was next to the chair. What a way to make your mother curse on a Sunday morning as she's getting ready for CHURCH of all things. I tried to wash it by hand as much as possible, then left it to soak while I was at church. It's now sitting in the sun with a fan on it to dry out - not just the project, but the two skeins of yarn too.

Mothers of clumsy teenagers with coffee understand why wild animals eat their young.


Shana said...

No food and water for that kid for a week! Laws, be damned.

With kids and teens in the house, accidents happen, but why do they always happen in a way to trash something of ours and not something of theirs? It's either magic or they are craftier than we give them credit for.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Thanks for the plunger felting tip you left on my blog!

If you enable public access to the e-mail address you have on your Blogger profile page, I can respond directly to your comments. It's more fun that way.

How old are your kids?

The Girl Next Door said...

Parents of small children get annoyed with accidents, but at least usually they're confined to less toxic places. And you know you've told that Teen the rule 36 million times - but they are smarter than you and figured it would be OK, right? Yeah, eating the young would be too good for them sometimes...

Athena said...

My daughter knocked over a bucket of red dye on the dining room table this morning so I can appreciate your blog today! I saved my dining room rug from disaster but my hands are bright red right now...and probably will be for the next week. LOL I blogged about my adventure, too. It's a good thing kids are cute!