Thursday, August 28, 2008

Retail therapy

I've been scoping out furniture for my den. I need a shorter desk, and I need something more compact for my yarn, but still big enough to hold all of it. I should do some stash busting but that's another post. I have browsed thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, craigslist etc. Desks come in such a variety that I have almost given up. I bought my current desk without drawers to hold me accountable for my clutter. Man oh man, does it hold me accountable! I'm so accountable I can't even keep it clean. It's as organized as its ever been, and it's a wreck. I have too much crap in all honesty. I'm working on paring it down and have done tremendously the past month, fits and starts and pauses that it has been. So in my search for a desk, I have seen lots of pictures. Some of them are really nice, and the pictures make me wish I had the money, a truck and a house big enough to go buy the desk...*sigh* I really should keep one of those billionaire's offspring or nephew or something on a side burner for future use.

What I also experienced was annoyance at sellers. If you're expecting me to buy the desk, please oh please clean it off. Given my current habits (in reformation) that desk will look JUST like the photo in my house, except it will be my crap on it, not yours. Just to clarify, this is what I like seeing in an online listing for Joe Schmuckatelli who needs to get rid of stuff:

These are not:

I don't really see a computer...but it could be hidden. Will my desktop computer fit? and is that LAUNDRY underneath it?

This says "I'm disorganized and when you get here to pick it up, I'll be disheveled and won't have any change, but let me look in my where are my glasses? I set them down somewhere." At least the floor is clear. (Shamefully I can't say that about my desk)

While this is not my desk, this is kind of what the state of my desk looks like. Actually they have the same tower and similar monitor that I have...except I can't drink green tea, and my desk would have piles stacked, not quite so randomly tossed like this.

This is further argument for drawers. At least you can HIDE some of the mess

I would upload a picture of my desk, but I have the forethought to skip sharing my embarassment with you.


insanelybusymomma said...

Fiesty, how the hell did you get pictures of MY desk area? LOL I feel your pain girl, I'm in search of "the perfect desk" myself.

Anonymous said...

All I could think when I saw them was "HEY! YOU KNOW MY EX SISTER IN LAW?!?!" and You made it to her house to take pics but didn't come to see me!?!?! Why UNFAIR!!!! *giggle* Yeah, I really do get that! I actually solved the 'computer desk problem' I set mine up on a tv tray. Its hard to clutter it up, since there is barely room for it, my coffee cup and my mouse! But, now I have stacks of stuff 'on the floor around me' when I work!