Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have an inner brat

And her name is Kelly. She would rather sit in front of the computer all day instead of getting up and being productive for even 15 minutes. She would rather order takeout, or run to Publix for some sushi than cook for some picky people who don't really care for "betchtables". Her sister (my daughter) likes vegetables but isn't fond of certain ones. Kelly is also inclined to leaving the others in the house to fend for their own food. She figures it's a life skill they'll need. She is a fun kid, but she gets me in trouble quite a bit. She influences me to do things I know I shouldn't do - like indulge in sloth-like behavior. Her favorite pastime is lounging, oh and knitting. She likes playing with yarn. She and I have that in common. The two of us are hell on wheels in retail venues too. I can 99.9999% of the time rein her in, which is good, because I didn't marry Warren Buffet's or Bill Gate's descendants. Nor have I won the lottery yet. I should consider actually STOPPING at a lottery retailer to play my numbers, as it does improve the odds of winning. Kelly and I have managed to strike a balance for the most part. However this Summer, she's been the dominant force and it shows. I would ask if you've seen my house, but then again, I wouldn't let you see it because it truly is mortifying right now. I still haven't put away the contents of my clone's shopping spree in TickerTots closet, and my daughter has been playing "shopping spree" in my living room with it.
Whaaaaat? Kelly didn't feel like going in there.


Rick said...

Sound like you need an exorist or something. Or maybe you'd rather keep here?

insanelybusymomma said...

My inner brat's name is Penelope, and like you I think Penelope has taken over (or maybe it's everything else I've had going on making me brain dead and completely disjointed). Maybe we can get Penelope and Kelly together for a playdate and then we (Fiesty, and Random & Frazzled) could wreck havoc on our homes.

I'll get better......someday. I think anyways.