Sunday, August 3, 2008

Late night antics around here

Meh, it's not THAT kind of post. But as you can see, I'm feeling rather Bloggety today. I could not stand the urge for baked goods any longer. My first preference would be that box of Ho-Ho's I have hidden, but I prefer them to be consumed while they're frozen. Sadly it wasn't going to happen tonight. People were still awake and a girl's gotta keep her stash safe so those others in the house will be safe from her later. I looked around. No chocolate cake mixes, NO brownie mixes! I wasn't about to start dragging out the ingredients to do it from scratch at 10PM. I used what I had to torture my husband with the smells emanating from the kitchen. Preheated oven to 350 degrees. Yellow cake mix. Three eggs. One sploop of oil. One can of pumpkin pie mix. Blend well. Pour into the handy-dandy Pampered Chef bar pan. Bake for something resembling 30 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool.
Then the husband could stand it no longer and looked at me through the pass-through between the kitchen and my throne and gave me a look I couldn't record. A) it was too fleeting, B) I had too many pictures on my camera and hadn't uploaded them as I intended to do several hours ago. He started digging into the cake, scoffing my protests that he had to dust it with powdered sugar. He hates powdered sugar. (*Files this mental note for self later, not that it will matter since the spawn LOVE sugar in all its forms.) He did however pour himself a FULL large glass of milk to wash down the TWO large pieces of pumpkin pie cake he consumed while watching ESPN. After all, FOOTBALL season is upon us! I get to annoy my children with screaming at the TV during the games, and shush the husband's friends when they dissolve into drunken yapping twits by the middle of the second quarter.

Yea, I'm rambling. Must be time for bed.........

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tinkguy said...

Hang-on. Ho-ho's are baked!?! I thought they were squeezed from an animal.