Saturday, August 23, 2008

Race ya!

Fay, Forever and Fickle still not completely outside the borders of Florida. She is faster than she was before, but still...

While in our vicinity, she was moving at 1 and 2 miles per hour in any direction, now she's going 8 mph west-ish. Aside from the fact that the girth of the storm was so large, we probably could have walked faster out of town than Fay did/is.

And, having been cooped up in overcluttered snug quarters for two and a half days, I ventured out of my dwelling. I had to drive across the yard to leave because the driveway was covered in dropped oak branches. I had to get to Hobby Lobby and hope they had rosary centers, buy one and get to the nearby post office by 1 PM so I could overnight the package to my aunt in Missouri. See, the weather was supposed to be craptastical on Thursday, and that would have allowed me to mail a package to Missouri Friday to be delivered by Monday. Nope, no dice. So I had to spend three times as much to send it Express instead of Priority. My aunt is worth it though. No rosary centers at Hobby Lobby, and by the time I got through there, it was too close to call getting to the post office before closing. I decided the main post office was my best option to avoid further stress on my part. The Clone and I did a little shopping, went to a friend's house to get one of her rosary centers and after finishing the incomplete rosary, we left for the post office - CLEAR across town. I got my package shipped off with a commitment from "Nor rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor snow..." that it would arrive Monday afternoon.

In the midst of all this, were phone calls throughout the day to my friend H to check on the progress of her labor. All is well and the baby arrived in good health, and H will now sleep on her stomach for a few days...probably propped up with pillows to keep from squashing the milk laden mammaries.

And all of this on race day in Bristol.

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