Sunday, July 6, 2008

A.D.D. Lawn Service

My middle child has lately been tasked with cutting the grass, because well...he's a teenager and that's what one procreates for anyway - so the spawn can do the parents' bidding. It also has something to do with my husband working in a retail arena and generally either tired, working heinous hours, or I also suspect feeling lazy. In all this the mower's health has also been failing, and we may end up replacing it - again! We've been here 4 years, and this is currently our THIRD mower. It's not me people, I swear. I know how to take care of things for the most part. In any case, the boy started a toddler with a new vacuum toy or mower toy. In short, he was not in any particular pattern, path or process. He was all over the place. He didn't get far before it started raining, so half my yard is mowed, and the half that is mowed...doesn't even look like a major league baseball field pattern. It's pure A.D.D. I might post a picture once it's done leaking from the sky so I can collect an image or two of his erm...handiwork.

So then I called my friend Persnickety to chat and we discussed a visit. It's preferred that my son not visit because he's done things that offended the FCB and he's broken things at her house. He's the bull in their china shop. Since he also was mowing today, I'm sure he smells game-y at best. I haven't gotten close enough to make a sound assessment, and I don't care to either. I'm pretty sure he smells like a wildebeast on a fresh cut lawn.

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