Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can I staple them to the wall?

I took the kids to Staples for the "loss leaders" specials they had advertised. As usual, my son drove me and his sister nuts with his typical antics. He ran me over with the cart, thankfully it was buffered by his sister on the back end of it. He took off with the cart down an aisle as I was trying to put something in it. I had to make an ATM run (forgot to do it on the way TO the store - duuuh me). When I got back, he was riding the cart - that he gets in trouble for doing constantly and almost got kicked out of Hobby Lobby one time for doing that crap. Then he didn't like the idea of doing multiple transactions so we could get the supplies (they limit quantities on those loss leaders ya know.) and said it was illegal. Well it's not, but he somehow had a bout of conscience over it. I asked him "You have reservations about buying merchandise separately, but you have NO PROBLEM aggravating your sister and your mother???" I simply got a sheepish smile and a shrug from him. At that point, I was ready to grab the biggest capacity stapler they had and attach him to the nearest free space on a wall to be used as decoration.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Not only was that an effective visual, I would pay good money to see that new "wall decoration."

At least he is good deep down as evidenced by his wanting to keep you honest.