Friday, July 4, 2008

Crocked Potter

I have found yet another neat place on the web....I found it on Ravelry, on the Crockpot Love board. This lady posts a daily crockpot recipe and her family's verdict on it. Some of these recipes look really good. Plus she's appearing on Rachael Ray July 9th. I don't normally watch Food Network till really late at night when it's too late to make all those cool concoctions Alton and Paula well...concoct. If nothing else, I can expand the repertoire of meals around here and get my wagon wheel up out of that muddy rut it's gotten into again. We'll see how it works, I have a few more sites to add to my blogroll but should get pesky things like permission first from the bloggers before I do that. Some people get bent out of shape when their stuff gets a huge influx of readers and stuff. If it wasn't good, no one would show up right?

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