Friday, February 27, 2009

Amazing what you can find

When you CLEAN stuff, you often find things. Today, I found something I've been missing terribly for over a month. The friend that borrowed our wet/dry vacuum returned it to us finally, now that the work is almost done on the rental he's fixing so it can be sold. Since he put it in the back of my van, I figured, I should vacuum my van out before taking the wet/dry vacuum back into the house. So, late this morning I went outside in this unseasonably warm weather we have till the last cold snap in March arrives, and cleaned out my van. In the process of getting all the junk out of my van that has accumulated in there since before becoming impregnated, I found my long lost item that has been driving me batty to drive without them.

Behold, the sunglasses that I grew to love for so many reasons. It took me a week or so to get used to driving with them because they're polarized versus the tinted lenses in the other pair I have. I had to use my old ones that are part metal, part plastic, and get tangled in my hair when I put them on my head. I was ripping hairs out of my head for no good reason! I seriously dislike my hair being pulled for any reason. Single hairs being plucked with force are incredibly painful. So, that problem now solved, I need something else found.

I track my mileage for my taxes, and I spaced out last year and never tracked any of it in a spreadsheet. It's all in my datebook. Yep, you guessed it. I can't find it. I apparently filed it or stashed it someplace "safe" or something. It's so safe, I can't remember where it was put. Nor can I find any logical or illogical place that it can be found. Plus the Oldest moved some stuff off the scanner to scan a picture he drew, and now some additional tax information can't be located. I've pestered St. Anthony numerous times already.

I guess I need to just keep cleaning. You know, because gestating just isn't enough for me to do these days.


Jackie said...

We can't talk about taxes....I'm avoiding figuring mine out!

Glad you found your glasses. I can't stand my hair being ripped out either!

Melissa said...

Taxes? Yeah, not me either. But I am quite impressed that you could still wear your sunglasses after being found in your car. Everytime I find mine in my car, at least one of the temples is hanging on by a thread, they have twisted to about a 50 degree angle, and unidentified sticky stuff is all over them.

Kudos to you!

GrandmaK said...

I have days like that...I have prayed to find something to St. Anthony and looked and looked...and fretted. As soon as I forget about it and get on with my life, I seem to find what it was I had lost. Good for you! Cathy

Barb said...

Yeah, I just cleaned out a big ol basket near my desk and found some jewelry I thought I had lost almost a year ago, including some blue topaz earrings my husband bought me. Phew!

Persnickety Ticker said...

I have lost a friend. Maybe you can help me find her? She is about yay tall. Has ever-changing colored hair, an awesome sense of humor and an ability to NOT puke in my mini-van, which I find is an awesome quality in a friend. She is also about 12 minutes pregnant. Have heard tell she resides in the same town I live in, but I rarely see her and to be honest here I am suffering from withdrawals. If you find her, give me a shout, would ya? Mkay. Thanks.