Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lunch with Shakespeare

I found a quote from William Shakespeare a while back. "What you are speaks so loudly, I can not hear what you say." I'm sure it was more Elizabethan than that, but it's pretty clear. Actions speak louder than words. And for those who have heard about the Dallas Cowboys (among other teams like the Atlanta Falcons) releasing Terrell Owens, you are well aware that Mr. Owens has indeed NOT learned this little philosophy, no matter how many times the lesson has been presented to him. Perhaps one day he'll shed the demeanor that has cost him numerous jobs. If not, I'm sure he can take some lessons from a few places. I've mentioned a couple of them before. Meanwhile, there are yet others mourning the losses of players being described as "all around good guys" by teammates, friends and family. Darwin just isn't cooperating.

Well today was the expiration date of that freebie from Moe's, and who am I to pass up a free lunch? I'm sure Moe's appreciates the good publicity too. (Sticky Fingers won't argue either). So, I stopped after work and made use of my freebie. They just rolled out a new menu item, the Phil E.
Oh. My. Word. YUM.O.LAH! I love a philly cheesesteak. One of my favorites came from a place in of all areas, Jacksonville, NC - home of Camp Lejune. There is (was?) a place in the "mall" (it was tiny) called Tony's Pizza. You got a 2 foot pie crawling up the edge of the pizza box. The Philly was handed to you wrapped in two layers of foil, still snapping and popping. I always got it fully loaded with cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms and mayo. While the Moe's Phil E. burrito is certainly "Moe'd" it's still right on par with my usual, the Homewrecker. I love it. I hope it becomes a regular menu item. Please go try one. You don't have to get the onions, peppers and mushrooms. They'll let you choose what goes on it, and what stays out of your burrito. They're better than the burger place that lets you have it your way. They let you watch them make it. Besides that really cool "Welcome to MOE'S!" you get when you walk in the door, they put out a quality product and their service is fast and friendly. Isn't that what anyone expects from a food joint anyway? So there ya go. Moe's learned from Shakespeare and puts it into practice. Perhaps football players who misbehave should take heed and find a good place for lunch.

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