Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've succombed

First, let me just take a moment and breathe deeply. My 15 year old is at a friend's for a few days. My house hasn't been this quiet in ages. He has a large voice that carries, a demanding presence, and lacks the understanding that the rest of us have a strong need for quiet time. If you ever want to torture him, tape his mouth shut, and remove all sources of noise. Better yet, drop him on a remote mountaintop with no modern worldly stimulus. Indoor plumbing and electricity can be completely optional if you really want to just kill him.
My pregnant self needs a break from the constant overexposure to the boy. This baby bean can't develop appropriately with annoying stressed out hormones coursing through my veins and into the placenta. Placenta-brain/Preggo-brain is in full effect without Oldest adding to it. It's bad enough that I can't even operate a ziploc bag. I'm not kidding. I'm particular about how packaging is opened, and it's a genetic fault from my dad. So, that shredded cheese for tacos? Yea, I mangled the bag so badly the zipper thingy came off of it, the side of the zipper seal came apart from the bag, and the bag ripped below the zipper. I had to put the bag into another container so the cheese didn't dry out in the fridge.
Plus, I have been crazy busy with work this week, and was stressed out about it because I didn't read instructions early and plan appropriately. Then others dropped the ball too along the way. Friday was my day off, and I hogged the computer and really annoyed the Oldest. Then I "bed surfed" for a bit and after I got Clone from school, I decided to follow through with the threat I've been making since January. I went shoe shopping. It went better than today's house shopping adventure. I found something I liked at a kick butt price.

Meet Alice Peacock.
Yes, my shoes have a name. Crocs makes a style called Alice, in a color called Peacock. So why not? I can't talk baby names with Devildog. He refuses to go there till we have the big ultrasound in a couple months. Why waste valuable cranial energy coming up with a name we won't use for lack of matching gender right?
I have Persnickety to thank for sending me over the edge back in January when we went to Disney for my birthday. She loaned me a pair of her lavender Crocs that hadn't been on her own two feet yet. I walked all day in those shoes and didn't have the first bit of discomfort, save the stuff associated with being "freshly planted" with this stowaway. Oh yea, and the freezing cold that we actually DO get here in Florida. It was SUPPOSED to be nice that day. Hmph. But my body didn't ache from walking. So I finally made it to the outlet mall and stopped at Motherhood Maternity to see what they had. I did find a cute nursing top, but sadly, it displayed more cleavage than the world needed to see of me. I spent an hour in the Crocs store. I tried on several pair. Alice Peacock was an instant "ahh, comfy" I still looked for another pair, in something other than blue, because I wanted a brown or black pair, but the styles in that color I liked, were NOT available in my big honkin foot size. The ones that were remotely close, were too snug in key places. I'm picky about my feet touching the shoes in certain places. Across the ball of my foot and my toes are important places for shoes to fit properly. So, yes, I did succomb to the Crocs thing. But in my defense, I have wanted a pair for a while, I'm just a cheapskate and couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them. But it's a whole lot cooler to succomb on the cheap.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

First of all...HELLO BABY!!!

Second of all, why the hell did you not take me Croc shopping with you? ::POUT::

Third, I will forgive the color becuz I know what selection they have there at that store, but I am curious as to what size you settled on?