Monday, March 9, 2009

My family needs prayers

The devil is throwing sand again. One sister is back in the hospital after a mini-stroke. That whole situation is a long term Series of Unfortunate Events, going way back.
My favorite Aunt R is hitting another financial roadbump, and has to turn in her van. At least she was able to hold out till her daughter had the baby. My Grandmere is 2 weeks older than my Dad and she's frail and hanging on to what she has left.
My father is approaching a year since his gall bladder gangrened and he nearly died, and he's kind of an emotional mess. Honestly he has been a mess since Mom died 3 years ago. But he'll tell you that no matter how many times he walks up and down the aisle at church doing usher duty, he has no pain what so ever. If that wouldn't mess with your head a little, I can't say what would.
My brother filed for divorce. My biggest concern is my niece. I won't go into detail but I have true concerns for her and if I could bring her to live with me during all of this so she doesn't have to be exposed to the chaos, I would. I just know it would be met with resistance and heaven only knows what else. It truly breaks my heart to know a child that has to live through this, and knowing other children live this hell daily.
All this makes me incredibly appreciative to have what I have, surly teenagers and whiny first graders, and unexpected, unplanned, un-everything pregnancy of a fourth child at my current age. I have a husband that respects me and would do anything for me. I have incredible friends in many places that I don't deserve, but they stick around for some reason. I guess I'm entertainment value or something. Meanwhile my Aquarian nature keeps kicking in high gear when it comes to my niece and I have to be careful not to let it get crazy on me.


MrsSoersdal said...

Prayers coming your way. When it rains, it pours, right?

Anonymous said...

Prayers from me too. I hope everything gets better very soon.