Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where was this cashier?

I have been out of shampoo and conditioner for I don't know how long. We've been milking the bottom of the bottles longer than any sane human should. So I broke down and took my tired hiney to the store for that and a few other things we needed. I also need a body pillow because trying to get comfortable with extra pillows just isn't happening anymore. I wandered Target on foot and found a few things I needed, and some I didn't. Then I headed to the Wally to get the rest, because I knew the boys wouldn't like the choices of shampoo scents available at Target. Well Wally's choices weren't much better but it was going to have to do. Because I wandered so much on foot at Target, I needed the fart cart at Wally. My tummy muscles don't like when I walk around as much as have been. I was seriously uncomfortable, combined with tired and at risk for cranky. You really don't want a cranky preggo on your hands. It's not safe for anyone in close any proximity.
I got my list of stuff fulfilled, and headed for the checkout lanes. I ended up in Valerie's lane. She was very friendly and another customer came up while I was unloading the fart cart to ask about breaking a $20 bill, and explaining she wanted to pay for her stuff part in cash and part with debit, but the self-checkout wouldn't do it, and the cashier over there wasn't helpful. Valerie told the customer how it could be done, and the customer asked if Valerie could take care of it because she did not want to curse someone out tonight. Valerie called for a customer service manager (aka CSM), and told the other customer to explain what was going on to the CSM and the CSM would handle it from there. The customer got her stuff off the self check out and brought it to Valerie's lane. I hate those self checkouts. They NEVER cooperate with me. I've had more eventful transactions than uneventful at those things. In any case, since I had the fart cart I asked if there was a regular cart nearby that my stuff could be put into so I woulnd't take the fart cart outside. Yes, I know people leave them out there, but my parents raised me better than that thankyouverymuch. Valerie ran to get me a regular cart, then called for someone to come help me get to the car with it, without even waiting for me to ask for help. I didn't need the help getting to the car. The fartcart was merely to keep my body from screaming at me for walking and being upright too many hours in a day. I could get to the car without incident. I dropped the fart cart at the door, and headed to my mom-bus. As I loaded my loot into the van, Valerie was RUNNING to bring me my receipt. Good lord the woman got a workout just taking care of me tonight.

I called the store when I got home, and asked for my cashier's name. The CSM that took my call, was wanting to make sure I wasn't going to ream a new one somewhere, so she asked "did you have a complaint?" I told her heavens no, my cashier absolutely rocked and I wanted to make sure compliments were paid when due. It's so easy to whine and complain about service, but completely forget to thank people when they do something right. It goes a long way to convey a "good cookie", and it doesn't take much. So starting here, I'm bragging on both Valerie my cashier, and Layne the CSM who went out of her way to get me my cashier's name because good cookies are due. Now on to figure out how to get word to Walmart that someone in their store gives a darn and shows it.


Jackie said...

You're so right...we're can be so quick to complain but yet often fail to pass on a "good job" when they're due. Kuddos to you for making sure that Valerie was recognized for caring.

Persnickety Ticker said...

I think you should just quit your job and hire yourself out as the ultimate consumer advocate.

That is of course, if there is a need for that job and it pays a gazillion-jillion dollars a year plus benefits.