Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First time for everything

The two younger kids are on Spring Break, so I scheduled their dentist appointments for Monday so I could knock two birds outta the sky at once. After the Oldest's fiasco of an appointment, I kind of expected another round of expensive dental results. I was not disappointed. The Beast had TEN cavities, but that mess of work comes out to about six hundred out of pocket. The Clone has a few cavities, plus one molar needing a "baby root canal" because she's not brushing well enough. All this because I'm a slacker mom who doesn't get neurotic about brushing the "right way" and all. Then Clone has the same kind of gag reflex I have. Certain spots in my mouth are instantly gagalicious when touched. So those little films for the x-rays were making her gag and she'd push them out of her mouth. It took 2 hygenists a double team effort, a bribe to go home with a pair of gloves, and about 20 attempts to get the darn x-rays. Then because it took HALF AN HOUR to get them, the dentist she was scheduled to see had to move on to her next patient who needed a filling. As we waited for Dr. B, we could hear Dr. J. in the next chair area talking to his patient. Clone got impatient and ran away a couple times. We got her back to the chair and I told her she had to wait patiently for the dentist so she could come count Clone's teeth. Clone was a bit puzzled, having heard a male dentist voice next door. I told her that she had been hearing Dr. J, who also worked with Dr. B.
"Have you met Dr. J? He's kind of cute"
"EWWW! Gross!! STOP THAT! You're Married!!!"

and it starts.....

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