Monday, March 23, 2009

Unfamiliar Territory

The oldest is out at a friend's house helping them do stuff like Spring Sprucing and the sort. I haven't a clue what that would be, since we don't do that around here. It's one of the "perks" of not going to a brick and mortar school facility. The friend's child is homeschooled as well. I have not been ALONE in my house for MONTHS. I kid you not. In December, I had to go get the oldest from a relative's where he was living. Since early December, I have not had a single day at home without someone else up my posterior. I woke up this morning, severely sleep deprived, but excited. I can get stuff done, like mortgage and job applications, sorting through piles of clutter around my desk. Why? Because I'm not annoyed or interrupted by other people, and the boy isn't here to complain about my being in such proximity to HIS workspace. Yes, I'm having another child and will be interrupted by that one. It's different. This latest model will be dependent on me, and I will once again get into a groove like I did with Clone when she was a baby. But the oldest? Well, he has his own ideas and agendas and they don't cooperate with mine at all. I am looking forward to his finishing this stint as a homeschool student on the state's Virtual School. I love my children, but I also am one of those moms that literally NEEDS her time and space away from the family to clear her head. I practically turned a cartwheel in the parking lot when the Clone (previously the youngest) started kindergarten. I'd be one of those "ha ha! he he! ho ho! They're coming to take me away! HA HA! HE HE! HOHO!" people if I was constantly exposed to my family incessantly.
Oh wait...I am edging closer to that each day he's dragging along with his schoolwork.

I'm off to listen to the sound of NOTHING while doing SOMETHING.


Laura said...

I am so refreshed by the fact that you are willing to admit you like your space.
A little chill time is good for the soul.

MrsSoersdal said...

I lose my mind when I don't get any space, too. I'm paying my brother to take my kids for 3 hours tomorrow (the longest I figure I can go without the boobmonster) so that I can go out to dinner and the book store. Small pleasures.